I began making cakes more than 30 years ago, mainly for family gatherings.   Newly married, embarking on a teaching career, and soon to begin raising children, I always enjoyed my time in the kitchen, whether preparing meals for my family or helping others.   In time, I was blessed with five children, and naturally we had birthdays and graduations to celebrate, team parties to support, “care” packages to deliver, spirits to lift, and other special occasions in which one (or more) of my cakes brought a smile to someone.  

About Rie

As the gatherings of my extended Philadelphia area family swelled, as did those of friends, so did the special occasions-  and the demand for more of my homemade cakes.  I was happy to oblige.  

Along the way, I discovered my talent for baking cakes – it was my avocation, the fruits of which I happily share.  I also discovered that people genuinely enjoy my homemade cakes – as a dear friend once remarked: “Just like Mom made!”  That was both the ultimate compliment and the inspiration to turn my pastime into something greater - Rie’s Cakes.

I enjoy baking for others and seeing how something as utterly simple and timeless as a fresh, delicious homemade cake can brighten someone’s day.  I make them one at a time, in my kitchen, using time honored recipes passed down from generations, just as I have made them for many years for those dearest to me.  Now you, too, can share in the goodness. 


- Rie