Cakes like mom makes.

August's Cake of the Month brings together the flavors of the summer.

It's a delicious S'MORES CAKE packed with chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows, and its 15% off the large for March.

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Welcome to Rie's Cakes.  

Mom's cakes were always the best.  Each cake was made from scratch and used the finest ingredients.  At Rie's Cakes, I use the same process and time-honored recipes that mom did to make classic, homemade cakes, one by one, that taste simply delicious.  My cakes are all about flavor and are made in my kitchen without any commercial ovens or ingredients.  Rie's cakes are baked and delivered across the Main Line on the same day - a delivery fee is added for areas outside of the Main Line and/or orders under $42.  I can also provide coordinating simple flowers, balloons and paper goods for any event - all delivered directly to you.


Rie's Cakes come in 3 sizes and are perfect for birthdays, holidays, dinner parties, corporate events, bridal showers or any occasion.  I also offer tasting platters.  I would love to surprise your college student (Villanova, St. Joe's, Haverford, Bryn Mawr, Swarthmore, Rosemont, Eastern, Cabrini, etc), old friend or co-worker with one of my delicious cakes and a special note from you.  I don't write on the cakes, but I can send custom cake banners or candles for specific occasions. Visit Flavors for information about cakes, pricing and extras.


Give me a call +1.4846789035 or send me an email so I can meet your special requests.  

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